Rental & safety Requirements:

We require all of our customers to meet the following general requirements:

    • You must have a current, valid U.S. drivers license.
    • You must be at least 25 years of age
    • You must demonstrate adequate riding/driving skills.
    • You agree not to allow anyone other than yourself or other authorized renters under your rental agreement to operate your rental slingshot.
    • During check in, a $750.00 ($1000.00 for ages 25-29) authorization hold/deposit will be placed on your credit card. Once the vehicle is returned and inspected for damages, the authorization hold is released providing there are no damages to the vehicle. If there are no damages the authorized amount will return to your account within 3-7 business days depending on your bank or credit provider. If the vehicle is damaged and discovered to be the fault of the renter or renter’s designated operator the amount for repairs will be deducted from the deposit. 
    • We are by reservation only: You must complete a reservation online or over the phone in order to secure your rental. Under no circumstances will we cancel another customers reservation in order to accommodate your reservation, regardless of the number of vehicles rented or duration of the rental.
    • In accordance with HOUSTON TX law, helmets are “NOT” required for the operators and passengers.
    • We do not tolerate careless or reckless operation of our vehicles including burnouts or donuts. Tires are carefully inspected and any damage caused due to such activity will result in loss of deposit. 


We require that all of our customers meet the following insurance requirements:

  • Customers must have and provide proof of full coverage (Property and Liability) insurance with the mandatory state minimum limits of the state in which they reside. 

Rental Rate:

If the vehicle is not returned at the agreed upon time, the renter will be charged an additional $45.00 per hour for each hour that you return the vehicle late. Renter will be allowed a 30 minute grace period before the late fee is put into effect.

  • 200 miles per day/.99 cents each additional mile
  • $65 unlimited mileage
  • All vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas, unless opting for the $40 unlimited gas option.
  • Helmets, Goggles and masks for drivers and passengers are available for an additional fee.

License Requirements:

  • The classification of the Polaris Slingshot® in HOUSTON TX is that of an autocycle which requires no special operator’s license or endorsement.
  • A person shall not be required to hold a motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement to operate an autocycle if the person holds a basic driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle pursuant to R.S. 39:3-10.